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About the collection

Wü-sah is anchored in the following values: mental health, alignment, sustainability, and freedom of expression. Wü-sah premiered its first eco-sustainable collection inspired by Biophila during NYFW 22 and will be showcasing the second half of its collection in July, during Miami Fashion/Swim Week. The runway show will encompass the beauty of the world and its diversity, and the importance of its preservation.

The founder and designer of Wü-sah, Svetlana Chernienko has much experience as a human rights activist and mental health advocate, as she is passionate about the topics. She can now demonstrate this passion through her creative talents.

Tropical Banana Leaves
Tropical Banana Leaves


Biophilia can be described as the love of living things and nature (Cambridge dictionary), ‘Bio’ meaning ‘life’, and ‘philia’ meaning ‘love’.  Psychologist Erich Fromm first used the word in 1964, describing it as the “passionate love of life and all that is alive” (planteria). Edward O. Wilson, an American biologist, then published a book called “Biophilia” and the concept then became better known.

Due to the wealth of benefits that can be obtained through the connection between humans and nature, Biophilia is something to be celebrated. The awareness of the importance of connection to nature for our wellbeing can result in a drive for conservation. Understanding the interconnectedness of the world can be like a compass for many, to bring us back to our roots, and to what really matters in life: to nourish what we have today, and to preserve it for the ones to come.


Time spent in nature (as long as people feel safe) can lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reduce nervous system arousal, enhance immune system function, increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and improve mood (pbs). Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) and aggression decrease in natural environments, which can even increase the rate of healing. There is also research that supports nature reducing feelings of isolation, promoting feelings of calmness, and lifting mood (pbs).

It is suspected that aerosols from the forests that are inhaled during a walk elevate levels of “Natural Killer” or “NK” cells in the immune system, which fight tumors and infections (pbs).

People’s brains respond to different environments, such as a city or noisy area versus a park (ng). The frontal lobe of the brain will deactivate a little when you are outside. The Alpha waves, which indicate a calm but alert state, grow stronger (ng). There are also social benefits from exposure to nature. Spending time in nature, including green spaces, can also improve relationships with nature and with other individuals (pbs).

Green Leaves
Image by Christoffer Engström


Our brand is made by using recycled fabrics from ECONYL yarns or American REPREVE. And aside from fabrics, we make all of our prints using eco-ink. And with that, we use paper hygiene liners instead of plastic, our packaging is 100% biodegradable, and we have a number of other options that we can use to truly make a difference in our environment.

We use Eco Dyes that are OEKO-TEX® & GOTS Certified, the Global Organic Textile Standard, protecting the future of our planet. The certification process our standards are based on guarantees maximum consumer safety. The raw materials used in our dyes are harvested in an environmentally and socially responsible manner

On our end internally we also take further measures. Any of our fabric waste is recycled again externally and internally. We minimize the use of single-serving and plastics at our premises, all staff is given free metal water bottles, and as mentioned above we educate staff about waste management at work and home.

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